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    i was reading the post below about the carpet on the walls. I was wondering what techniques i could use to keep the bass from traveling up the walls and disturbing the people above us. Could i put like dynomat on the wall or use carpet. I can't relocate the sub away from the wall though.thanks guys!
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    Your question is one that has been asked by many. Unfortunately the answer is "not much". Because you "feel" bass as much as you "hear" it, shielding the "spill" to adjacent areas in the same or nearby buildings is difficult, if not impossible. Apartment buildings are the worst.

    About 10 years ago I attended a THX seminar at Skywalker Ranch and asked a similar question of Tomlinson Holman (the 'TH' of THX). My question specifically referred to residential construction where homes were built about 30 feet apart. His response was "to completely shield the transmittal of bass frequencies, you need a concrete wall".

    Perhaps another forum member has uncovered a new and innovative approach to solving this problem. If so, let's hope they post it!

    I'd suggest getting to know your neighbors and running some tests to determine what levels will disturb them and what won't. It will help if you perform your tests after dark. That's usually when "conflicts" are likely to occur.

    Good Luck,

    John G

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