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    Thanks to all who have assisted me in my barrage of DBS questions... I wound up settling on a DishPVR 501 system with the digital 150 home plan, $50/month lease including the $40/month AT150 program. Figures to be a $10 lease. I originally wanted to go for the Free Home plan but that didn't include the second receiver which I didn't realize.
    Anyway, now that I got a better machine than I originally intended, I had no intention of getting a digital recorder but hey, now I have another toy to play with. Can one copy the digital data onto a VCR? Or does one have to record the program on the VCR as usual? My gut reaction is that you can't and basing that on legal grounds but I have not seen the unit yet and didn't ask the Dish people. Getting it installed on monday!
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    Hey Jay.
    If the PVR501 is similar to the DishPlayer, here is the scoop:
    You dont need a digital recorder. You have one.
    To archive stuff off, you need a VCR. The DishPlayer/PVR offers both composite (single video cable) and SVideo output. So to get the BEST possible video, you must have a SVHS vcr and feed it from the SVideo output.
    As far as I know there is no way to pull the hard drive and copy off the file of a favorite show and then burn it to a CD/DVD. It is stored in some funny format. Plus you would have to literally pull the hard drive and install it in another computer to access the files. Bummer I know.
    But I think you will really enjoy the built-in recording capability. 30 hours is a lot of space.
    And you can set timers that will trigger your VCR to start recording instead of writing to the internal hard drive.
    You can try to find a discontinued JVC DVHS recorder that has a built-in Dish receiver. The problem is: they are hard to find and you can only play back the tapes on that unit.

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