Dish signal and OTA antenna combining questions

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by DonM, Mar 12, 2004.

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    I have a UHF/VHF antenna and my Dish 500 Dual LNB satellite mounted on the same 30' tubular tower. I would like to combine the two antenna signals to be carried on one of the two RG6 coax cables running from the sat dish to my basement HDTV. I can use 2 diplexers to accomplish this but my question is about signal degradation. Will I notice any loss of PQ by using this arrangement. I especially don't want to mess up my OTA HDTV signal form the UHF antenna. Is there a particular diplexer that gives better performance than the rest? My Dish pic pretty much stinks already on my Mits 65" HDTV. It's fine on my smaller tvs. Anybody know a site that carries info about installations such as this? The hookup is simple enough but weatherproofing of the connections is not something with which I am familiar. Does the outside diplexer need to be mounted in a box?
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    Since both signals you want are digital, there will be no loss of quality. You will take a small hit on signal strength but if you your signal is strong enough to begin with, it shouldn't matter. Diplexers are weather proof. Just seal the connectors with some special coax water tight tape from Radio Shack. I also use outdoor F-connectors with a rubber O-ring inside them..

    Have you calibrated with Avia or VE? It won't make it perfect but it will make it better.


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