DISH or DirecTV? SD-HDTV-PVR Functionality

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Murray Kerdman, Feb 25, 2001.

  1. Murray Kerdman

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    I am trying to decide which satelite service to get. DISH or DirecTV.
    My concerns are:
    1. SD quality into my Toshiba 65H80 65" widescreen tv
    2. HDTV quality into my Toshiba 65H80 65" widescreen tv
    Toshiba/Mits/Panasonic etc. DirecTv STB vs. Dish 6000. No Over-The-Air HDTV possible where I live.
    3. Ability to record on PVR
    Dishplayer vs. Replay/Showstopper vs. Tivo vs. DireTivo
    Does Replay Work with BOTH Dish & DirecTV?
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    posted 02-25-2001 05:57 PM
    I want to be able to use a Replay/Showstopper device with either.
    A DirecTivo has the all-digital quality nad dual tuners (Ultimate TV).
    I also intend to pursue HDTV with either DISH or DirecTV.
    Dish has a DishPlayer Replay/Tivo substitute that loks weak.
    Will Replay/Showstopper Work with BOTH Dish & DirecTV?
    Does the guide info for both satelite services including local chanels exist on Replay/Showstopper?
    At best quality how does the picture compare to DirecTivo type of all-digital device?
    How many hours does a a 60 hour Replay/Showstopper unit deliver at best quality?
    Any and all thoughts
    Murray Kerdman
    [email protected]
  2. DarrellP

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    You might consider the Dish model 501, due out Apr 1st from Dish, it is a PVR the is supposed to retail for $299 with a dish and won't cost anything for the services.
  3. Bob Jackson

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    Dish has HBO-HD, SHO-HD, and a full time PPV channel.
    DirecTV has HBO-HD and a part time PPV channels.
    ExpressVue has CBS and ABC OTA and some movie.
    DirecTiVo/Ultimate TV are lossless recorders. DirecTiVo is up to 35 hours and can be expanded beyond that if you are handy upgrading PCs (107 is the limit today). A 60hr stand alone TiVo is something under 20hr at best quality.
    Dish offers the discontinued DishPlayer and even older DVHS unit that can record NTSC lossless. The new DishPro 501 will also have PTV functions and records to a hard drive - available soon.
    There are very few solutions to recording HDTV and none of the above will record full resolution HDTV (the stand alone TiVo and Replay units can record the S-Video outputs of a HDTV receiver). Also the lossless recorders typically capture the Digital audio and the few programs shown in DD5.1. The SA Tivo and Replay only record stereo.

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