Dish Network HD service - good?

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Philip Hamm, Dec 17, 2009.

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    Not sure if this counts as hardware or software. I'm thinking of getting HD service from Dish Network. I've had very good experience with Dish's SD service for many years. I am on the plan where we get a lot of movie channels but we don't have the "pay" services like HBO and Cinemax. At my brothers' place in NYC I saw that MANY of the "HD" channels on his service are really just zoomed in 4:3 SD stuff scaled up to be "HD" but really suck bigtime. Are Dish's channels like the "Encore" movie channels like that? Otherwise, how is the Dish HD experience?

    I'm not planning on upgrading my old projector until it breaks.
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    my parents use dish network for their hd, i personally use comcast services. the dish picture is just as good as my comcast experience for some channels, the ones filmed in hd originally (espn, local channels, speed, etc). the channels that are not original hd programming suffer from poor picture quality that you are talking about. the only other negative that stood out was the lack of usefull channels and the ones i seem to want to watch are all extra money to get.


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