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    I just switched over to the 6000 after having directv for 6 years. so far I really like it, I don't have a problem with the program guide because for me it is an upgrade from my first gen dtv unit. I have noticed that some channels on regular tv were really bad looking, my wife was watching lifetime last night and the pic was unacceptably soft, almost out of focus looking. so I called dish tech support to ask about this and this is the response I got.
    Currently the 119 sat is over loaded causing these compression issues so they are in the process of moving all the international programing to the 148 and 61 sats, they said this should allow them to reduce the compression and make all the channels look better. This is great news for standard channels but it obviously will create less room for future hdtv programming, which could be bad news. But at least they are working on it. My Hdtv programming is awesome. Scott
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