Dish Network and HD Local Channels

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by DennisP, Apr 5, 2004.

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    Can anyone confrim that if you have a Dish system installed with the HD receivers and you take the local stations as a part of the Dish package.....AND the locals in your area are being broadcast in HD over the airwaves...will these locals be received through the Dish programing in HD or SD?

    I know that you can install a roof top antenna to receive these signals in HD using the Dish receiver.....that's not what I'm asking.

    Are these local signals that are coming through the Dish programing package going to be in HD or not.

    I talked to one person who works for Dish and said they would be in HD on the Dish if they are in HD locally. I want to confim this to determine if I will need to purchase a roof top antenna in addition to the Dish.

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    Dish only carries the national feed of CBS HD over the satellite. You have to live in a white area (no locals near by), a CBS owned and operated market (NY, LA, Dallas, etc) or apply for a waiver from your local CBS affiliate (denied 99% of the time) to receive this feed.

    There is not enough room for ANY of the satellite companies to carry locals in HD. You will need to get an antenna (set top or roof top depending on your location) to pick up your locals in HD. Check AntennaWeb to find the type and size antenna you need. Stay away from Terk models. They are high prices but moderate performers. Radio Shack, Channel Master and Winguard are good performers.


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