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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Greg Labate, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. Greg Labate

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    Jul 31, 2004
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    I have the Dish Network 811 HDTV receiver. Although the one HDTV channel I get is great, everything else is terrible. Dark, muddy, pixilated. Dish Network repeatedly informed me that it was a "known error" that they were trying to fix, but it still has not been fixed after nine months. And they won't take the unit back. Any one have this problem?
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    This exact problem, no. Problems with Dish in general, yes.

    I purchased a model 6000 HD receiver from Dish a few years ago with the promise that it would be upgraded to the Open TV OS. Delays after delays. About a year later they announced that it didn't have enough memory to even suport Open TV. At the same time I got a Dishplayer 7100. Without a doubt the most buggy receiver ever built. It took Dish over a year to get most (not all) the bugs out of the 50x series PVR's after introduction. Earlier this year they introduced the PVR921 HD receiver. Production was stopped almost immediately so they could fix the bugs. Now it looks like they will have a new model out before the bugs are corrected in the old model.

    See a pattern?

    (a very happy DirecTV customer)
  3. Chris Cash

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    Dec 4, 2003
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    Every time I turn on the box and go to the program guide it has to download. If this isn't annoying enough, I have all of my components in an entertainment center. If I don't turn it off every time I use it I come home from work and find it locked up. By locked up I mean the power is on but it won't respond to any of the buttons including the power button. I try to reset it by holding the power button for ten seconds but that doesn't even work. Oh, also a lot of the times when i'm watching t.v. the screen freezes up for a second. It doesn't do it for long but it's not an unusual occurrence.

    I left Direct T.V. and went to Dish because of the great deal on the 811. In the time that I have had it all i've gotten out of it is disappointment. There are only a couple of channels in the $9.99 a month extra that you spend. I have yet to see any decent programming of things I actually would like to see. I am seriously considering going back to Direct T.V.
    I spoke with Dish net about trading it in for a higher model but they wouldn't do it. They wanted me to go to a retailer a pay $499 for another box. I'm either going back to Direct bacause I still have my old boxes or i'm going to give Cox a try.


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