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Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Chip_Slattery, Mar 23, 2001.

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    I will be getting a DISH 6000 w/OTA soon, and would like to couple it with a Tivo unit. I have been doing a little research on this equipment combination, but am curious as to how well these units will work together, along with the other components in my current setup. (see below)
    If anyone can comment or provide suggestions on the following I would certainly appreciate the input.
    1. Recording SD programming - I assume this will be a non-issue (no need to record OTA as I live in an area that qualifies for locals via DISH)
    2. Recording HD programming - As I understand it the 6000 will downconvert HD and output that signal via s-video. Since the 6000 will normally be set to output HD via component I believe this will be a problem, unless Tivo can be programmed to control the SD/HD switching of the 6000.
    3. Control - Can I set up the 6000 as a "slave" to the Tivo, bypassing the notoriously lacking EPG of this receiver? If so, will I be able to access ALL channels via Tivo, including HD and the local OTA channels which are normally integrated into the 6000's EPG? Also, the 6000 has an "Accessory Jack" which can be set up as an "IR extender". Does this mean that I can use the serial port control on the Tivo to control the 6000?
    4. With this setup I will not be able to record a channel while watching another, correct? I will probably pick up a second cheap receiver and fork over the extra $5.00/month for this convenience.
    In case it helps, here is my current equipment setup:
    Toshiba 40H80
    Toshiba SD-6200
    Denon 3800 (handles all video switching)
    Thanks in advance for your help and advice...
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    Why don't you just get a Dishplayer or DishPro501? You said you needed a second receiver. Both are cheaper than a Tivo. The 501 doesn't have a monthly charge for the PTV features like Tivo. After 4/1, the same is true for the Dishplayer. Granted, the Dishplayer is buggy, but the is a software upgrade in the works to fix most problems. With either one, the digital recording will look better than Tivo's analog to digital.

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