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    Samsung TX-P3275H Digital TV
    Onkyo TX-SR602 AV Receiver
    Onkyo DV-CP702 DVD Changer
    Panasonic DMR-ES20 DVD Recorder
    Panasonic PV-V4522 VCR
    JBL SCS300.7 Surround Cinema Speakers
    5 speakers in the living room and 2 in the bed room
    A friend (network administrator) hooked up my system originally. It worked OK. The wiring was a mess (which I can’t stand) and I'm not sure it was ever correct. There are many different configurations possible. I like tinkering with this all. I have the cash to do what is needed.
    The Questions:
    What is the best type of connection?
    I'm thinking composite..but the satellite receiver doesn't support that type.
    Do the other components have to use the same type connection as the satellites receiver?
    Is anyone brave enough to do a wiring diagram?
    Is it possible to use one control? I hope
    Is it possible to hook 2 more speakers out on the porch..maybe with a wireless connection?
    The 602 gets pretty warm. Should I install a fan?

    What I would like to be able to do:
    One control
    Maybe program macro to have one button turn on all that is needed for that particular selection. Like TV and AV receiver or TV and DVD
    Record DVD’s from the DVD changer, VCR, or the Satellite

    HELP !!!!!!!
    Can’t even walk in the living room right now
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    Hi Rick. Welcome to HTF! [​IMG]

    First - you can reduce the clutter by laying out your rack like this:
    • AV Receiver - bottom shelf. This lets the speaker wires flow out without obscuring other devices.
    • (blank)
    • DVD changer (since you wont touch this too much)
    • DVD Recorder On the higher shelf since you will touch it to use it

    I would get rid of the VCR. You asked a good question: "What is the best connection type"

    Most of those devices use Component (3 RCA wires). But VCR's only support composite which is the worst possible connection type. Even SVideo is a 20% jump in picture quality.

    Call your cable company or Sat provider and look into a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) or a Tivo unit. These hard-drive based recorders have made VCR's obsolete. They all seem to offer SVideo. Having all your devices use the same type of video connection make wireing and use of your system simpler.

    For a "One Remote to Rule Them All" - check out the Logitech Harmony line. I have a 688 model (about $100 from Best Buy) and it controls:

    - Yamaha A1 reciever
    - Samsung HD TV
    - Motoroloa HD PVR
    - Dish Network PVR
    - Sony DVD player

    It uses your computer to program/setup the remote and the defaults from the website got my system 95% working without customizing. I added a few programmable buttons to change a few things and it's been great.

    Hope this helps.

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