Disappointed with Pride and Prejudice SE

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  1. Abraham

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    Jun 22, 1999
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    I enjoyed so much the original release of Pride and Prejudice, that I was willing to buy it all over again, only in the so called "re-mastered" SE version. Unfortunately, after viewing the SE, the only improvement made was going from flippers to keep cases.
    Aside from the anamorphic format the video is just awful! Instead of the sepia tint of the original, it now has a yellow-green tint. Flesh tones, Lizzie has lost her warm glow and now looks anemic. Contrast, any detail of dark objects are completely lost to the shadows or the night.
    And I detect an ever so slight motion artifact, when ever the camera pans or actors move across the screen.
    Sure glad I held on to my non anamorphic, grainy with an amber hue original.
  2. GlennH

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    I sold our original and bought this one but haven't watched yet. Just popped it in to check it out a little. It's nice having it in widescreen, but the video quality is not the best. You'd think they could get it right by now.
    I don't know who's been in charge of this one each time but they sure aren't very good at what they do. There's no excuse for a relatively recent production like this to look so bad.
    Oh well, at least this one only cost $19.18 at DDD.
  3. Phil Florian

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    Mar 10, 2001
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    How does this compare to the video release? My wife is a huge fan (and I am a new convert) of the series (and the book, of course). Is it worth getting this new version to replace her tapes?
  4. Nicole P

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    Aug 31, 2001
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    I bought the R2 edition when it first came out.
    From what I hear, the new R1 edition is just an NTSC transfer of the same print.
    Yes, the colours are not very constant, looking either washed out for outdoor shots or overly yellow for interiors. I think this is due to the deterioration of the print that they went back to in order to make the widescreen transfer.
    I first saw P&P as the double VHS set and while the image was framed at 1.66:1, the colour was much better. They also did some clever splicing that removed the rolling credits. It actually surprised me when I got the discs to discover where the credits originally were.
    What I would like to see as a special edition would be a colour corrected widescreen print done as two seamless parts instead of episodes with disruptive credits.
    Nonetheless, a worthwhile set in my collection and more likely to withstand multiple replays than tape.
    Nicole P

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  5. DaViD Boulet

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    Feb 24, 1999
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    I think they removed the credits (after each episode) from the feature for the new R1 SE (haven't watched it through yet but I remember someone saying that). Not sure but I think you only get the credits at the very end now. Can someone comment on if it flows "seamlessly" now except for the disc-break?
    quote: And I detect an ever so slight motion artifact, when ever the camera pans or actors move across the screen.[/quote]
    I saw that too. Very upsetting...actually it was less that subtle on my display. That worries me that this transfer is really just a "video" digital conversion from the PAL R2 disc which may be partly responsible for the lack of detail and odd coloring. Can anyone compare the R1 SE and R2 directly? Can anyone also confirm that their progressive-scan DVD player or line-doubler can perform 3-2 pulldown on this? The odd panning artifacts have me worried that the transfer may not have the proper 3-2 cadence for 3-2 film detection.
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