Disabling auto-on and roll-off in plate amp

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Stephen Dodds, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. Stephen Dodds

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    Aug 29, 1998
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    I've been using an external sub amp, but want to replace it with a spare plate amp I have since it has a phase control which I need.

    However, my plate amp has an auto-on which I hate (not sensitive enough) and a too high rumble filter (30Hz). And it isn't that good an amp anyway.

    Are these things easy for idiots to disconnect, or would I be better off just getting something like a Rythmik and being done with it.


  2. Ryan Schnacke

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    Feb 5, 2001
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    Usually plate amps have 3 power modes - off, auto and on. The on setting should do what you're after. Otherwise I'd try turning up your receiver's subwoofer output level and turning down the plate amp's gain so that you get the same response but have a larger signal going to the plate amp to wake it and keep it awake.

    The rumble filters on the Parts Express plate amps are well understood and pretty easy to change with a soldering iron and a few resistors. Other amps would probably require some reverse engineering.

    The Rythmik certainly is a worthy amp and a great value. Definitely worth considering.

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