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Alan Erceg

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 16, 1999
I recently purchased a DirecTV Tivo to replace my standard DTV receiver. I know that it has Dual Tuners and I want to take advantage of that.

I figure at this point the easiest thing to do would be to run a 2nd line from the Satelitte dish. Has anyone every done this before themselves? Is it pretty easy to do? How much would DirecTV charge to do it. I got the DirecTivo from Best Buy so I didn't get an install I just swapped out receivers and called DirecTv to activate it and it was up and running within about 5 minutes.

Now I do have a 2nd line running to the downstairs tv, would I be able to split it from that at all?

Mary M S

Mar 12, 2002
Alan, my husband did self install of dish, twice. For our last move (our third) from the 2LNB to the oval 3, I called the tech since my husband was too busy to get to it for weeks.

We had already run our coaxial (RG6) for all tuners , all the tech had to do was carry the dish up.

Since our run is very long from our home to the roof of our separate 2-story garage our cable is buried in PVC underground, we bought a roll (for such distance this is the least expensive method) and my husband clamped terminations on the raw cable. We actual had to fish an extra line thorough the underground pipe between two buildings and still managed to get it done.

If your halfway handy, have acess to fishing the 2nd line, yes, its really simple to do it yourself, you just need to confirm, (if your dish is the old round 18") that you have more than two satellite outputs from the dish. If both are used, (you mention coaxial runs to two rooms), you will have to purchase a multiswitch for the dish to get a 3rd cable out from it. I belive it is "Satellite Guys" .com ? which has a forum with some useful info for self-installs.

I don't know D* price for running cable, you might price via them and a local Satellite/antenna installer at a B&M near you to see who is less expensive.

..and don't fall off the roof, or it will end by being cheaper to have hired it done. :D

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