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    I'm currently a DirecTV subscriber using a standalone Hughes satellite box and a Sony standalone TiVo unit. Works great! I recently learned that the Sony combo unit (SAT-T60) might have several worthwhile upgraded features.
    - Is it true that the SAT-T60 can record audio soundtracks as they are presented (i.e. Dolby Digital)?
    - Is it true that the SAT-T60 allows you to record one show and watch another live program (i.e. Record "Everybody Loves Raymond" while watching "Monday Night Football" - both on Mondays @ 9pm)., implying two separate tuners?
    - If this is true, do I need to be running two separate coax lines from the dish? Or can I split the one coax that was brought into the house during inital installation?
    - If I do upgrade to the SAT-T60, is it possible to use that one in concert with the combo unit? If so, how?
    Assuming the answer is "yes" to all of the above, does anyone else think it would be worth upgrading to the combo unit? I should also add that I intend to upgrade to a 16:9 set in the Spring...and possibly to an HD DirecTV box at the same time.
    I appreciate all of your help!!
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    Yes, the combo records and plays back 5.1.
    Yes, it has 2 tuners inside (the software update to make the 2nd tuner work is a few weeks away though).
    Yes, you'll need to run a 2nd line from a dual lnb dish.
    Yes, you can use both units, the wiring will depend on your system.
    Keep in mind the combo only records Directv, so you need to get locals from them. Also, the combo records at perfect quality (better than standalone best).
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