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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Jason_A, Aug 18, 2004.

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    Hi, yea well I am finally thinking of dumping the pig and have a couple of questions.

    Here is my deal. I figure I can install it myself, as I am technical person. Can I register or sign up the receivers that I am thinking about while not having the dish put up? In other words, I would like to do the job my self very professional but without all the horror stories of dumb installers coming over and cutting, drilling, or doing something crazy. I would like to slowly and carefully put the system up. Meaning I am busy and would probably take me awhile to put the dish parts up on the house. Pretty much avoiding any problems with the 30 days are now up and we want money situation.

    Some may ask why wait with the install. This idea was just on the tip of my tongue and had to ask.

    Second question is the phone issue probably asked and answered a trillion times. Do I need the receivers connected to the phone line? Thinking of two receivers with one mirroring the main box. Does that complicate the phone issue?

    Thanks for all the help Jason.
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    Installation is not difficult and if you run into problem, you can ask questions here. If you do activate your receivers, you will start paying your monthly fee for them right then. Why don't you do all of your wiring first. When that's done, buy your equipment and have the installer mount the dish and connect the recievers.

    I have two recievers. My HD receiver has NEVER been connected to a phone line. My DirecTivo hasn't called in for almost 500 days. Both are working just fine. Without a phone connection, you can't order PPV via the modem. You can order via the DirecTV web site though. Sports packages (Sunday Ticket) are different. There are a few people who get a exempted from the phone connection but for most people it is required.

    Look into getting DirecTivos. That would only add $5 to your monthly bill and it is well worth it.


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