DirecTV or Voom?

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by Justin_D, Jul 31, 2004.

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    Here is the situation. We HATE Comcast and are now going to a satelite. We have 2 HDTVs and 2 TVs, but the 2 TVs are close and it would be acceptable to have them both on the same box, thus, same channel. This would, however, NOT be acceptable for the HDTVs.

    From what I can tell, Voom can't be beat for HDTV broadcasts. However, DirecTV has the SDTV programming (for example, my mom wants Lifetime and I want G4/TechTV).

    Also, as of now, our local stations are ONLY broadcasting HDTV over-the-air. Hence, we will furthermore need 2 antennas (sp?).

    From what I can tell, DirecTV also has a larger system, with HDTV PVR, PVRs, a larger consumer base, and company age. Voom, on the other hand, seems to be growing fast, and catering to the HDTV lover.

    We will want 2 Premium channels, HBO and Starz!. Both have them and their HDTV channels.

    Which system, does it seem, would fit us better?
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    well if you ordered voom before today you would have been in on free install and a lock in the current price sceme.

    i wish i noticed your post a day earlier, sorry.

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