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    Nov 18, 2000
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    How difficult is it to install a DirecTV system myself? I already have a receiver (DTC-100), and I only want one room.
    Is it hard to align the dish to the sat? Should I just have someone install it? Are there any good websites out there to help me out?
  2. Scott Kimball

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    May 8, 2000
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    It's not hard to install, assuming easy cable access into the house. Cabling is the most DIFFICULT aspect of installation. Aligning the dish can be the most tedious. Get yourself a good compass and an assistant, and you should be able to line it up and peak it in under 30 minutes. Follow the installation instructions and be patient. Acquiring the signal takes a very methodical approach. The alignment is soooooo critical, it's easy to miss your mark.
    I've installed three dishes. The first two went very quickly. The third one, I missed the sweet spot twice and was beginning to think I had a foliage obstruction. Third time was the charm though, and it still took only half an hour.
    I recommend either setting up a portable monitor outside, or having easy ccommunication with a helper inside (walkie talkies or whatever) when peaking the dish. You can get a general alignment with the tones, but you'll need to know what the meter says while adjusting the dish to get the peak position.
    Give it a try yourself first - it can't hurt.
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    Jul 2, 2000
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    I have done two myself, mine and my brother in laws. The first thing to keep in mind is PLAN your wiring route!! It will save time, money, and frustration. The second, make sure you have the neccessary tools on hand to do it. The right size drill bits, etc. also save time and frustration, especially if ya dont have to run to the hardware store in the middle of the installation. Actually setting up the dish is pretty easy. Definitly have someone help you align the dish. Both times I used my cell phone and the house phone. I did my install with just my 14yr old and I will admit to taking about 3 hours...but only because I had to get some special lag screws for mounting to brick, and broke my only drill bit sized for the screws. The second time, it only took my bro-in-law and me about an hour and about 6 Miller GD's.
    Good Luck
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