DirecTV HD DVR problem diagnosis help

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Robb Cadigan, May 24, 2006.

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    I have a new HR10-250 that is having a problem with HD channels. Specifically, I get heavy pixelization and audio dropouts at random times on HD channels (HBO, HDNet, etc). I do not experience the problem on the local OTA HD channels.

    This is my second unit. The first had the same issues and was replaced. (DirecTV came out and looked at the setup and said it looked like a problem with the first unit's hard drive.)

    When I hook up my old HD receiver (a Sony non-DVR) the picture is fine.

    As this is my second HR10-250 unit with the problem, I am thinking it is probably something else. But I can't think what it might be. Can anyone help with a diagnosis? Thanks so much.
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    Robb, I get macrob/dropouts/skips/stutters also.
    I’ve been too lazy to systematically try to determine the culprit, knowing that there are many variables involved. I could line up my old HD DTC100 and compare side by side, this might help narrow, but would still not be an apples to apples without another HR10-250 due to tuner quality variance by model..

    Last yr. I had seen in the TIVO forum a very few issues occasionally with a HardD malfunction.
    Always a possibility.

    My dropouts are more frequent during OTA tuning, which would tend to indicate it is the BC.
    This could be my dialed-in strength of signal or how BC’ers are transmitting it.
    The networks have a real bear of a time, implementing the digital changeover and some do it more successfully than others.
    Some of the methods used for transmission can (and do) create problems for the boxes, if you notice it consistently on one channel or another... it could be the BC end.

    D* can be affected also, on particular channels by the bit rates and broadband width used and how they divvy up (stack) the channels. Since they move them around even this does not stay constant.

    You mention you have had service tech out...have they checked your signal strength on all LNB’s since yours occurs more often with the D* fed channels. Research and confirm which channels you are having the most issue with:...if they all list currently as one LNB (one of the 3 satellites) have that LNB checked.

    There was an issue with screen dropout on some Sony models displays when combined with various STB's which appeared last yr; but that was a flicker to black, It was a board in the Sony displays which needed replacing. But it appeared to be more of a drop to black screen than a slow pixelized breakup.
    Very rarely do these issues trace back to display, other than dammable HDMI glitches.

    The Tivo forum is a good place to start your search.
    Rumors are flying so hot & heavy regarding the near & longer term future of the HR10-250 with D* that I have not quite 'girded' myself to go sort current issues out. I know there is a possible software upgrade which has not (and may never be applied to the HR10...I have not even looked indepth but I belive it concerns (possibly or partialy) Channel quide aquistions, and loading speeds. But I really dont' know at this time not having researched for months.

    (wasn't much help was I [​IMG] )

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