DirecTV HD Dilemma - help please!

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  1. Ron Reda

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    Okay, here's my our current home, I have a standard DirecTV dish and Sony satelltite receiver set up. However, come Thursday, we will be moving into a new home that will have three TVs total; a Hitachi HD-ready RPTV and two analog TVs. For the new house, I want to continue to use DirecTV, but I want to be able to receive HDTV material on the Hitachi. If I get the HD DirecTV package, will we still be able to view regular (non-HD) material when watching the analog TVs? Also, would my older standard DirecTV equipment become obsolete? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    Well, it depends what you want to do. With a seprate box on each set, you are good to go.

    To start with you will obviously need a new HD capable sat box, and an oval dish with the triple LNBs (If you already have a dual LNB oval, I think you can add the 3rd LNB to that dish).

    Those dishes will likely have a built in 3 x 4 multiswicth (at least mine did). You can connect each DTV box that you have (up to 4) direct to the switch.

    I went through a similar install a few months back, although I do not yet have the HD set top box. I do have the correct dish though, and currently run 3 DTV boxes off that oval dish.

    I am a Tivo guy, and since Tivo does not play nice with HD, I am waiting for the HD Tivo's to come out to go HD satellite. I do have an OTA HD tuner for use with my Pioneer WS HD capable display though, and all I can say is WOW. Can't wait for HD satellite.

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