directv hardware help (will probably be easy)

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    Someone please save me from losing my mind!!!

    I've got DirecTV setup in 3 rooms. 1 room has an Ultimate TV receiver so I've ultimately got 4 lines into my house. I've got a dual LMB dish going into an RCA 2x4 switch. I installed it in March and everything worked perfectly until a couple of months ago. Out of no where, the bedroom TV could only get certain ranges of channels....normally in the same range as the living room TV was on. I tried the basics...unplugging and waiting...cables...etc and nothing worked. Thinking that it could have been something on the splitter, I swapped the output with a different one that worked fine, but it didn't help. I even went and bought a new splitter but it didn't help. Finally I swapped the receiver with the one in the living room (both are the same model...RCA DRD430RG) and the problems followed the receiver.

    So it's now pretty apparent that it's a receiver problem. Can I just buy a new one and swap cards when I get the new one? I really hate to spend much on this because one of the new Tivo models will be calling my name before long so I've been checking eBay and have found several for pretty cheap without cards. If I buy the same model and throw my card in it, will that work or am I oversimplifying? More importantly, is there something stupid that I'm missing that I can update on mine?

    Thanks for your suggestions!!!
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    You can buy another receiver and request that DirecTV transfer your card from the broken receiver. I have always been able to get them to do this when I needed it. If you have the new P4 card I believe it is more likely that the card will be reauthorized for the new receiver. Worst case they will send you a new card for about $20. So the answer is I believe DirecTV will gladly activate your old card in your new receiver.

    That particular RCA receiver does seem to be problem prone. I replaced one for a friend with a Hughes receiver I had.

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