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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Victor_W, Jun 2, 2003.

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    Hi all,

    I just spent the last hour to 2 hours reading the search results of this topic. I still need some help in choosing at TV. I am defintely looking at a direct view over RPTV, due to the fact that I play video games (PS2 and will get an XBOX soon so will want to take advantage of the digital video output XBOX has) and I like to have a nice view of the TV from different angles.

    Some info on my Home Theater set up:
    I have a 5.1 surround sound system, so speakers on the TV isn't a BIG deal. As of right now, I'm running analog cable with no real plans to upgrade yet. I will be getting a Progressive scan DVD player when i get this TV. I will have about an 8ft. viewing distance to the TV. Dunno if any more info is needed.. if so, just ask.

    OK, now the questions:

    1. What models of Toshiba's TVs are there? So far ALL I see from Toshiba's website are 36HF72, 36HF12 and 34HD82. I am sure there are more than these models that I should look into, right? Also, do these guys come with DVI input or not? I couldn't find anything through Toshiba's site. Also, what are some of the prices going for Toshibas TVs? Also with the news of the NEW toshiba's coming out... should I wait now until August?

    2. How are the Panny's in this category? I know they get good reviews, but I have heard more suggestions for Sonys and Toshibas. Also, how is the price of panny's compared to Toshiba's and Sony's? Is it cheaper? or more expenisve? Which Panny 36 4:3 HDTV direct views and 34 16X9 HDTV direct view models should I consider and what prices should I expect?

    3. I've been lookign at SOny's a LONG time now. 36HS510 and 34HS510(when available) have been the 2 I've been considreing. I can jump up to 36XBR800 for about 200 more or 34XBR800 for 600 more - worth it?

    OK, I think that's about all for this for now. Sorry for the LONG post. and THANKS A LOT in advance for your time in answering these questions.

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    I just got a Toshiba 32HFX72. New ones will be out in 1 - 3 months I reckon, based on the fact that the Sony 510 *just* came out.

    I had a Panny analog set. Their problem with HDTV CRTs, is one of, a) no 480i to 480p, or, b) not "squeeze mode" for 16:9 DVDs. (Can't remember which, but that's why I went for Toshiba.)

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