direct view census but PTV owners are welcome

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    Mar 26, 2002
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    hey I'm just a bit curious on what AVIA type calibrated settings each one of you have so if you can fill me in that would be appreciated

    please show the following

    type of television (mostly size no need for model # or features)

    and settings (broken down by category)

    this is mostly for direct view users but Projection TV users are most welcome to post their settings since that's probably will be a future upgrade

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    Mar 16, 1999
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    That numbers won't be anything useful. Every individual set is different, not to mention across manufacteurs the settings will really vary wildly since their function is standardized (for instance, some sets have a negative sharpness control, so 50% is zero, and some sets 0% is zero)

    Basically, brightness/contrast should be quite low, usually ~30-40% on the slider. Sharpness either near the middle or near zero (On Sony's, for one, at 0 makes it very soft, but 50% still has quite a bit of 'enchancement')

    Color/tint should stay somewhere near the middle unless things are really wacked out out of the box.

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