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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Don__C, Feb 27, 2004.

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    I'm a long-term subsciber to Direct TV and have recently installed an RPTV. I am pleased with the Direct TV standard signal quality on my new Sony 51ws510. However, I want to upgrade to HDTV and add at least one more receiver, and as you know if your an existing subscriber nothing comes free. Dish Network is offering a free-install 3 receiver package that includes an HDTV receiver. However, before I make the switch I have a couple of questions:

    1. Anyone have any experience with signal quality and general service between these providers? Even though I'd be going to HDTV, I know most of the channels will be standard, and want to at least equal Direct TV quality.

    2. How many Hi-Definition channels does Dish offer?

    3. Dish is offering either a free DVR or HDTV Receiver with their install package. If I opt for the HDTV can I add a DVR independent of Dish, or will I have to pay Dish for adding it?
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    1. Compression varies by channel and sometimes program. I've tried both services and in my OPINION, DirecTV has a better picture.
    2. The same as DirecTV, 8. You may not qualify for CBS though.
    3. It depends on the DVR. If you get a stand alone Tivo, it will interact with your 811 receiver to record standard def programming. If you get a PVR510 from dish, it will cost extra. On the other hand, you can record a show on the PVR while watching another show in HD on the 811. If you want to jump up to dual tuners with Dish, it will cost about $500. You can get a dual tuner DirecTivo for $99.

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    Actually, and I have this from a very reliable source (a Regional Sales Director for Dish) that I talked to at CES, under the new Digital Home Advantage Plan, you can get the 811 HD receiver and the new dual tuner 522 PVR for $49 (included install) with $49 credit on your first bill.

    As soon as my wife gets word on a job transfer, we will probably switch to Dish. We have wonderful Pegasus at the present time.


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