Direct TV Toshiba geometry is out of alignment !! Please Help

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  1. Chris Colgan

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    Jun 27, 2001
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    Toshiba 27" 1999 Model: CN27V71
    After playing around with the Height setting, I looked at the Fight Club THX setup feature, bad idea.
    At the Factory Height setting.
    I noticed from the THX Setup feature that the horizontal position was off, so I used the HPOS setting and then when I went to the cross-hatch w/dot and started to play around with the CNR and the TRAP setting...super bad idea.
    "Like a knob", I did not write down the setting at the beginning.
    After messing around I found when I watch 4:3 images that the poles were bending at the top of the screen and straight lines had a bend to them.
    After playing around with only these setting
    HIT default was 1CH they have be set back to this setting
    WID default was 31H they have be set back to this setting
    I was watching the THX symbol at the begin of the Dinosaur DVD and notice it was out of alignment, so I used it to straight the lines and when I when back to 4:3 TV the lines were with straightest I have seen. But not as good as Factory-Out of the box.
    I am only now noticing the bottom 1" that text it not perfectly parallel to the bottom on the screen and then there is a very very slight bend on "Straight walls and door frames or news stations dividing lines" in the bottom right hand quadrant of the TV.
    I had a problem in the top left with straight items bending and it is bending is gone.
    I have also noticed the Disney blue copyright FBI screen that it is not perfect, yet.
    But I feel relived a bit, but to make sure that I can eyeball it and it not bug me I finally ask my buddy to borrow this Video Essentials which he is bring to tomorrow.
    If you have any tips on what patterns to using on Video Essentials to help out the above problem please let me know.
    I know that the crosshatch pattern will be my main focus.
  2. Jay Mitchosky

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    Sep 6, 1998
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    You definitely want to use Video Essentials (or Avia) for this. Start with the overscan test pattern to center the image using VPOS and HPOS. For geometry I like the circle hatch pattern - the big circle in the middle and the smaller ones in the corners. Use PARA, CNR, TRAP to get the vertical lines as uniform as possible. VLIN for top to bottom uniformity/spacing. Experiment with the others you listed as necessary. BUT REMEMBER TO WRITE DOWN THE ORIGINAL VALUES THIS TIME. [​IMG]
    The tricky thing is that you can't fall back on fine tuning with convergence on the direct view. Which is invariably what I have to do with my RPTV as the service parameters can only do so much.
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  3. Chris Colgan

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    Jun 27, 2001
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    Hi Jay
    I saw your HT home page and you have a great setup, I wish to have one day.
    Do you think I get the the TV geometry back to almost factory default which I realizes now were great in comparsion?
    Please respond as fast as possible because I will be out of town for 1 1/2 as I left tonight.
    But my Pioneer Elite 35-TX is great, once I have my TV back to normal I will only let Michael TLV touch my settings.
    All the best

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