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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by BrianNorman, Jun 26, 2006.

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    I just got all the new hd stuff from DTV.. I love it. I do have one question though. On my non-hd receivers my sig strength is like 93, but on the hd unit the signal strength is like 63-65, and when looking at the same sat as the non hd receiver the signal is about 74. any suggestions?
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    The scale is relative and not absolute. Each model seems to have it's own "Normal" value and can't be used to compare different units. I assuming you have a version of the H20's and they have always registered about 20 points lower than the older units and it doesn't affect the picture reception. Rain Fade points also happen at a relatively lower number.

    If your dish was perfectly aimed before and nothing else has changed you shouldn't have to worry about anything. Just a bit over 80 is the best I was able to get tweaking my dish with the H20 even though it easily measured 95-99 on my older unit. If you are measuring in the 60's, it's possible you have some room for tweaking though since most people seem to report high 70-low 80's on the stronger transponders.

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