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    I have recently purchased a hdtv and am relatively new to the world of direct tv.(subscribing for about two months now). I am interested in recieving hi def signals from directv, but I have a lot of questions. First, can I just aim a second 18" dish towards the hi-def satellite or will I have to get the elliptical dish. Second, will the hd-direct-tv box perform a similar funcition on the non-hd signals as the dvdo scaler would. finally(for now) on the back of mutli-switch package, the diagram seem to suggest that one could split the signal coming from lnb to two boxes and watch separate programs. Is this possible?
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    1. You can use two dishes; each need a dual LNB with all four outputs wired to the multiswitch. There is a good explanations of this at:
    See Wayne Bundrick's comments.
    2. I assume the DVDO scaler would be superior to the one in the HDTV STB. I keep my STB in the 480 mode for non-HDTV material and used the scaler in the Pioneer Pro HDTV. The difference is easily observed. I switch to 1080I for HDTV material.
    3. The multiswitch supports multiple receivers functionally as if they were an independent or standalone STB connected to a LNB. Waynes's note does an excellent job expaining the details.

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