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    Aug 30, 2001
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    Can I use a diplexer to carry the RF output signal of one of my sat receivers on the same coax cable which carries the sat signal from the other LNB to a second receiver? Doing this would save me from running additional cable. The guy at Radio Shack insisted that this wouldn't work. But if you can diplex CATV signals with satellite signals, why couldn't you do the same with a receiver RF output signal and a satellite signal?
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    Dec 29, 2000
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    Dan -
    I already posted this in a reply elsewhere - however, I'll repost it here for you as it addresses what you were asking. The answer is YES.
    I suggest that you not use a diplexor and go directly to a RF multiplexor unit. Channelvision makes a CVT1mini-11 that will cost you somewhere around $150. You can take the cable feed, split in the feed off of the mini-11 and you'll end up with the cable channels AND a channel that is your Satellite dish. In my home I have two receivers multiplexed in on channels 65 and 70. I used to have cable (since shut off) and it was running on the normal cable channels while the satellite was on the new ones. If they ever make an OTH for my dual-LNB dish, I'll diplex it into the cable - otherwise this configuration has worked very well. I purchased an extra couple of remotes and now 7 TVs can utilize the two receivers.
    (I know of people who have several receivers, their home security systems, cable tv, and other items all multiplexed into their home wiring systems. It may seem like alot for one of the units, but it definately is more viable for multi-unit management in the future.)
    Check them out at www.channelvision.com. Good luck.

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