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Dilemma: Pioneer VSX-1014 or HK AVR-230? (1 Viewer)

Kean-Hock Yeap

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Oct 5, 2004
Posted here a couple of weeks back asking for suggestions to upgrade my receiver. Since then I have tried out an Onkyo SR-502 but returned it because it sounded too "thin" to me.

I then went out and purchased a HK AVR-230 ($325 + tax) and a Pioneer VSX-1014TX ($350 + tax) and have tried both out playing movies as well as music (admittedly I didn't spend a lot of time on each). And now I am in a dilemma as to which one I should keep.

I like AVR-230 better for music -- not sure how to describe it, but somehow music sounds "fuller" with the AVR-230. With the Pioneer, music sounds "thinner" or "sharper", not too different from the Onkyo that I returned.

However, I like the Pioneer better when it comes to movies because I am able to hear more details, and umm. . . the 3D effect is more pronounced for a lack of better way to desribe it.

Other more secondary comparisons:
1. Pioneer has a much better remote control
2. Pioneer has DPL IIx whereas HK does not
3. HK has a 2-year warranty vs. 1 for the Pioneer
4. HK is more aesthetically pleasing whereas the Pioneer looks like a tank

I am currently using the Fluance SX-HTB 5-speaker setup without a sub, for 80% movies and 20% music. So the question is which receiver I should keep, given that the price difference for me is less than $30?

Would appreciate any input you may have.

Mike Gov

Stunt Coordinator
Oct 11, 2004
80% of the time you will like the Pioneer
20% of the time you will like the HK better.

If you do the math, Pioneer wins!!!

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