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    I have read many posts, both here and in other forums regarding the future of digital signals (mainly how cable companies will transmit the digital signal from the networks) and I am still somewhat confused. I have read that some HDTVs may become obsolete if the decision is made to use DVI or Firewire to transmit signals from the tuner to the TV. Correct me if/where I am wrong, but it seems to me that if I have a TV with component video inputs and I buy a digital tuner NOW that has component outputs, I should be able to receive and decode the cable company signal in the future, no matter what "delivery" mode is decided upon for "new" tuners. The signal going into the tuner from the cable company is going to be the same as it is now, correct (480,720,1080 etc.)? The only discussion is about how to get the signal from the digital tuner to the TV, or am I misunderstanding the whole issue. I am trying to decide whether to buy a tuner now, or wait. I already have an HDTV (36XBR450) and would hate to see it become a very HEAVY boat anchor in a year or two. Can anyone set me straight on this issue?


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    The product providers are still trying to figure out how to control recording of the HD signals.

    If Sony decides they won't license HBO to provide a particular Sony product in HD to cable companies without the appropriate digiral HD copy protection, then that Sony movie won't be shown on the standard HD channel. It'll be on a different channel and you'll need a different HD decoder and an appropriate digital TV to watch it in full 1350x1080 resolution. Otherwise you'll have to watch it in standard 640x480 resolution. This is especially likely to be true for special one-time-only pay-per-view programs.

    I haven't compiled a list, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if certain movies have never been made available in HD format. And they won't be until the studios are satisfied with the protection scheme.

    The change to digital HD copy protection won't happen right away. Although there are some Mitsubishi HD TVs and VCRs that already have firewire with digital copy protection, most other manufacturers are waiting for the studios to make up their minds.

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