Digital preshow, but not digital projection for movie??

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  1. Ramon O. Valera

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    Yesterday, when I went to see Minority Report here in North Brunswick, NJ the wife and I noticed that the preshow(the stuff before the previews, you know the trivia stuff and all of that) was being shown digitally. you could see that everything was really sharp, and the presentations were animated like it was a flash animation. I started to get excited and started to think that maybe I was going to see Minority Report in a digital theater. I was wrong. when the previews started to roll, it went back to regualr film. But I looked back during the preshow and noticed that the stream was coming from a secondary projector.

    Does anyone know what this is?

  2. Peter Apruzzese

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    Peter Apruzzese
    Because not every film is made available for digital projection (and probably won't be, at least for a very long time). Some theaters have their ad reels (preshow, as you call it) done on video to ensure that all the spots that have been paid for are shown properly.
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    The systems used for 'preshow' are good enough for that, but aren't good enough to handle an actual movie. (Of course showing ads in a theater is evil, but I won't get into that [​IMG] )

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