digital camera help! (using Canon PowerShot A70)

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Benny G, Feb 20, 2004.

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    Ok, so I have the Canon PowerShot A70.

    **I was trying to say exactly what I've done so far and what I've tried, but it got very confusing, so I deleted it.

    I'll just ask:

    For basketball games (pretty good lighting), about 15 feet from the court, what settings should I use for my digital camera? Specifically: ISO, shutter speed, aperture value.

    I've tried lots of combinations, but nothing seems to give me even a printable picture when there's even just a bit of motion. The best I seem to have gotten so far come from ISO 200 and shutter speed around 1/200, with automatic aperture value. (using Tv setting on camera)

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
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    Cees Alons

    Although it may still be a good idea to use automatic aperture/exposure, you won't have control over these values, so you must make sure what it's going to be. Look at the values chosen by the camera!
    For a game (lots of movement), you must make sure the shutter speed is at least above 1/100 sec. and also higher for small angle settings. Rule-of-thumb: at least twice the focal length of the used lens or the zoomed value (value converted to 35mm film equivalent). Preferably faster.

    So if your focal length (zoom value) is a 35mm-equivalent of 80mm, the least you need is 1/160 sec. (Note: I say "least", which refers to the nominator, of course. I mean: that or a shorter exposure.)

    Adjust the sensitivity if necessary, sport photographers often use ISO values of 400 - 1000!

    Hope this helps.


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