Digital Cable Reception Problems

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Tim Kline, Sep 13, 2001.

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    So, I got sick of my Comcast@home being sucky, so I switched from comcast to RCN now. They reinstalled my cable with all new wires, gave me a new modem and took over my phone line.
    Now, I haven't had a single problem with my net access, and my phone is working as good as ever and I get new features I'll never use anyway, and the new remoite I got is way better than Comcast's [​IMG] .. but my cable is wierd.. all my digital cable channels look crystal clear, dvd quality on this sucky TV (compaired to the mpeg lookin comcast), the sound is great too for plain stereo.. but every couple minutes or so, the screen goes black for a split second and gets all blocky then it comes back.. the sound cuts out too.. Comcast did this also but not as frequent. It was doing it yesterday when I had it installed and the cable guy said to give it a day or so that the network was still catching up to me. It's been a day and it's still doing it, but this afternoon it seemed perfectly fine [​IMG]
    I called RCN about this last night, and they were gonna send a guy out today, but this afternoon it was OK so I canceled it. Is this like just a night time thing when more people are watching tv? Is it always gonna be like this? I would have gotten DirecTV instead, but I'm planning to move soon so it's a waste to install a dish twice :/
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    From what you describe, it sounds like your cable company lost the signal from the satellite. I have digital cable and this sometimes happens.

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