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    Jun 21, 2000
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    Alright, Insight finally did it. The moved IFC and TCM from basic cable to Digital Cable only. I've been thinking of moving to Digital for a while now...but now I'm pretty much forced too. So I have some questions for you guys. First, anybody know any Insight pricing info...I've been scouring the interent, and pricing is nowhere to be found for my area (central Indiana), everything just says..."Call this number", but I'd much rather have something that I could sit down and look at...and compare rather than listening to a sales pitch over the phone. Also, anybody know if insigt pumps out Dobly Digital, and if so, do their boxes have optical/coax outs? Finally, a question of is it in general (doesn't have to just be for Insight). Also...anybody know any good sites for information about it. I know of for DSL and Cable modem info, but are there any sites that report on Digital Cable news?

    Thanx guys.
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    We have Insight here, locally. I pay around $65 that includes 5 or 6 Encore channels, 2 Staz Channels, and 4 HBOs. The digital box is General Instrument. It says Dolby Digital on the box, but is just 2.0 analog. There is no s-video connection on our box. My daughter, who lives in Lafayette, IN tried out there digital for a month. The digital box was a newer model than the one I have here, but it didn't have 5.1 dd, and I don't think s-video connection, but not sure on that.

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