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    This may be hard to explain, but I'll be brief. I have cable coming into my house that is split 3 ways (Basement, Fam. Rm., & Internet). I am then splitting the family room line and sending a line to the master bedroom upstairs. All analog channels still look great. I noticed no signal loss. However, on about 5 digital channels (Out of 35) the signal frequently drops off or doesn't come on altogether. Would an amplifier help the digital cable channels? If so, which amplifier do you recommend?
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    I could've sworn I already replied to this post, I wonder if the reply was lost?
    Anyway, I don't know too much about this, but at they have some very good instructions about it.
    I think you should try and replace your 3-way + 2-way spltters with one 4-way or 2 2-way splitters, since this will give less of a signal loss to the family rm/master brm (-7 dB vs -9 dB like you have now). This will increase the signal loss from -5.5 to -7 in the other rooms, but I would try it and see if it works (unless you currently have problems with the -5.5 dB signal loss already, I got the impression you only have the problem with the signal that's been split up twice).
    Anyway, read the PDF document I linked to, they also talk about different cable lenghts and other stuff.

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