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Different speakers for movies vs music - thinking about RF-7s

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Chris T. Kennedy, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. Chris T. Kennedy

    Chris T. Kennedy Stunt Coordinator

    Jun 2, 1999
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    Hey all.

    I picked up a Klipsch RC-7 to replace my long time "got me all the way through college and more" Cerwin Vega back in July. Obviously there is quite a difference. Now only the front L/R remain as the ones needing to be replaced before the HT is officially in version 2.0.

    That said, I have heard the RF-7s demoed at a store here in Houston & they sound pretty good. It was only on whatever they had playing at the time (I haven't selectively tried several different titles, music, etc on them). I am considering making a speaker purchase sometime in 2006, but I want to ask you all something.

    I watch movies, but I also listen to music. The music can be classical, oldies, rock (70s,80s,90s), pop, whatever. I may put on AC/DC and then switch over to the DTS disc of the Hallelujah Chorus. I have heard some people mention that the RF-7s might not be the best for music.

    While I suppose that some here may discourge the RF-7s altogether, I am interested in hearing from two groups:

    1: Do you have a second pair of front L/R hooked up for music listening? - or - how many of you music/movie people feel that a second set of speakers is not needed.

    2: Of those here that own the RF-7s - Do you listen to music on them?...if so, do you think they perform up to spec for music as well as movies?

  2. MikeHU

    MikeHU Stunt Coordinator

    May 6, 2004
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    Chris, I use my RF-7's for movies more than I do music. However, I believe that most over at the Klipsch forums would agree that the RF-7's are very good for music. I wouldn't use 2 sets of speakers up front. I would, however, suggest running them with enough power. I started with a Denon AVR - 2805, with 100 watts x 7. When I recently added an amp (B&K 200.7) the RF-7's really opened up and started to sing.[​IMG] If you like the Klipsch sound, you should be very happy with these for music as well as movies.

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