Different DVD packaging, describe differences for DVD Profiler..

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  1. Douglas Kalon

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    Just wondering if someone can help in describing the different kinds of DVD packaging that DVD Profiler uses.

    They list the following:
    Keep Case, Snapper, Jewel Case, Clamshell, Drawer, Hub and Custom.

    My desciptions would be like this.
    Keep Case - The plastic cases that has become the standard for DVD.
    Snapper - The paper and plastic cases that Warner Bros. uses.
    Jewel - The hard plastic cases used mainly for CD's.
    Clamshell - I don't know, but I guess similar to the Keep Cases.
    Drawer - Don't know, but I would guess something where the part that holds the DVD pulls out partly from the packaging for access to the DVD.
    Hub - My guess would be for Box Sets, where either Keep Cases or Snappers individual DVD's are stored together.
    Custom - Would be unusual DVD style cases, as in the Total Recall SE Tin, or other styles of DVD cases that don't fit into any of the above kinds.

    Is my descriptions right or wrong?
    What are your descriptions?

    Just trying to get some sort of standard definitions for the above kinds of DVD packaging.
  2. Craig Sherman

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    Jul 10, 2002
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    Okay, it's a good start, but let's look more closely:
    -Amaray (the one that started it all. Plastic, simple, strong.)
    -Amaray Double (slim profile, one disc on a flap that you flip to access the second disc, a la Gladiator)
    -"Bizarro" Double (like the Amaray Slim, but with the disc one flap facing disc two. The result is an open case with both discs cover art up, which I can see would be aesthetically more pleasing. On the down side, you can't fully "turn the page" to get to the materials on the inside front cover. Used in Shrek and House/House II.)
    -Alpha (like Amaray, but more secure, with the single-piece construction "push down with thumb, lift up from top with fingers" method)
    -Alpha Multi (http://www.inetdvd.com/store/cases.asp has these, from a "fatty" double, with an entire enclosure for each disc, all the way up to septuple. A Blue version is coming out from Universal for Back to the Future.)
    -Snapper (Warner's unpopular cardboard/plastic hybrid, once the case of choice for Image, New Line, and HBO, it looks like with New Line's recent announcement that they are abandoning the Snapper for keepcases and Digipaks, Warner Bros. - who own part, if not all of Ivy Hill, the case's manufacturer - will be the only studio to still use it.)
    -Drawer (Polygram's abandoned, unpopular case, where the disc slides out of the bottom. Often called the "scratcher.")
    -Jewel Case (old-school, square, just like CDs use)
    -Super Jewel Case (more popular in the UK than in the US, used for some Slingshot titles like their IMAX films and their release of Rock & Roll High School. Same brittle plastic, but as tall as a regular keepcase.)
    -Digipak (climbing the charts fast, this plastic tray has been glued to cardboard, plastic, and other materials in a variety of cases from each major studio. Examples include the Star Trek: TNG and Godfather sets from Paramount; Rocky Horror and Fight Club from Fox; Seven and Magnolia from New Line; V: The Final Battle and all the upcoming 2-disc sets from Warners; Disney's entire Vista Series - possibly excepting Pearl Harbor, IIRC; Near Dark from Anchor Bay; 2001: A Space Odyssey from Creative Design Arts; Memento LE and Close Encounters from Columbia/Tristar; and Universal's entire Ultimate Edition series. The only major disc producer yet to employ the Digipak in one form or another is The Criterion Collection.
    -Columbia Clamshell (custom carboard cases designed for special releases from Columbia, including the first MIB LE, Lawrence of Arabia and Bridge over the River Kwai. Bridge has since been re-released in a double Amaray keepcase.
    -Specialty Cases (Book of the Dead; Total Recall Tin - but not the Anchor Bay tins, because those are just holders for a jewel case inside - Basic Instinct icebox; and Universal's square deluxe boxes for The Grinch and E.T.
    That's about as comprehensive a list as I can think of right now.
    Help me. Please. This is a Cry for Help.
    Rushing back on my meds,
  3. JJR512

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    That's odd...Yesterday, I updated my online DVD Profiler collection, and those of you that have this know how before you do it, it asks to update your profiles, then it shows you a list of titles with profiles that have been changed, and for each one, shows you where the differences are. Anyway, it told me the profile for my Men In Black original LE box had changed (the black box with silver "MIB"), and the change was the case type, from clamshell to drawer. In other words, DVD Profiler now says the case type for the black-box MIB is "drawer". Going by these descriptions, it should have stayed as "clamshell". I wonder why it changed, and how to get it back?

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