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    In the beginners primer and FAQ, speaker placement is divided into three categories. Surround speakers, monopole speakers, and bipole/dipole speakers. I have figured out my rear speakers are either surround speakers and monopole speakers. I know you can tell a monopole speaker by it "fires" sound in one direction. How, do you tell if it is a surround speaker? Because, I don't know if I should "fire" the rear speakers at the listening position or facing ahead. Thanks.

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    I think there might be a misunderstanding because surround speakers is the category in which monopole and bipole/dipole speakers can fall under.

    A surround speaker is simply a speaker that's designated to play surround sound in a HT.

    This could perhaps break into several "types" of surround speakers such as monopole, dipole, planar etc.

    I think ANY speaker can be a surround speaker, you could even take a 12 foot high line array and use it as a back channel. If the speaker you have is a monopole then you get to choose what kind of surround sound you like.

    If you like direct pinpoint surround sound with tweeter detail then aim them at the ear.

    If you like ambient noise and reflecting surround then aim the tweeters at the opposite wall or at the ceiling.
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    You could take 2 centre speakers and hook them up to the surround channels and they would become surround speakers. Do you have your speakers already? As for aiming, if you have monopoles (aka direct radiating speakers), you will find various opinions on the matter. Some advocate firing them forward to the front of the room, others aim to the listening position, still others take adventurous approaches and aim to the ceiling, the side walls etc in order to try to create a more dispersed soundfield. When I had monopole surrouds I used to aim the straight forward but in the end, it comes down to what sounds better to you in your room and setup. I currently have quasi-dipole surround speakers that disperse the soundfield slightly.

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