difference between Rear-Projection LCD and regular Rear-Projection

Discussion in 'Displays' started by JamesWW, Mar 25, 2004.

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    Aug 17, 2003
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    I was looking around and noticed that there are rear projection displays and Rear-Projection LCD displays

    I looked around on here but didn't see much that answered the question

    so what is the differences between the 2?

    I was looking for the biggest tv, with the best picture for the best price, and the prices on these Rear-Projection LCD displays are in my range

    plasma and regular lcd displays are out of my price range right now

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    Nick So
    I dont really wanna be throwing in another option into the ring here, but if you truly are looking for "the biggest tv, with the best picture for the best price", i think thats the perfect description for a Front Projector. With the right room conditions and viewing habits, the front projector will give you the BIGGEST image for the price...

    As for CRT RPTVs vs. LCD RPTVs...
    Here are some off the top of my head:
    -CRT's ultimately will have the best picture, especially in the black level, Black levels are one of the weakest points of LCD display technology.
    -CRT's require more setup and to get a good image (three seperate guns need to be converged, calibrated, etc) vs. LCD which you dont need to deal with, only color setup.
    -CRTs dont have a bulb, whereas LCDs have a bulb that needs to be replaced after a couple thousand hours (im not 100% sure of this, but im pretty confident... havent looked up much on LCD RPTVs)
    -I THINK LCD RPTVs are lighter compared to CRT RPTVs (seeing how its mainly just a lamp, and a micro LCD, whereas CRTs have three big guns with three thick lenses)

    You may also look at DLP.. they are similar to LCD, but usually have better black levels...
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    Jun 11, 2003
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    Biggest differences for me:

    1. Physical size and weight. It's almost like comparing a refridgerator to a toaster oven.

    2. Brightness & vividness. The LCD sets are super bright and very colorful. I can watch mine in direct sunlight without any problem.

    FP look fantastic, but I don't have a room that would be appropriate for such a setup.
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    A RPTV is basically a projector in a box projecting onto the back of a screen, rather than a direct-view CRT or another direct-view flat panel technology like plasma or LCD panel.

    So, and RPTV can be one of any of the different ways to project an image: CRT, LCD, DLP, LCOS (and the variations thereof). CRT is the oldest, and probably still the most-often sold, and also still the best in terms of PQ.
  5. Ian-Fl

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    Jul 13, 2003
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    So much depends on your viewing habits. If you like to watch films then a big screen and projector is a good idea.I don't even bother going to the theater anymore because my picture quality and sound is better than the theater.
    It's relatively inexpensive to go with a projector, DVD player, sound system, and a DIY screen. I think my initial investment was $2300 US also if you have an unused part of your basement it can be a great place to escape to when a new film comes out.
    I find watching regular cable and VHS to be useless with a rear projector, so if you want to watch sports maybe a RPTV is a better idea because the picture is smaller and doesn't suffer from degraded picture quality that you'd get from a big screen.
    There's digital cable if you want better resolution with a rear projector.
  6. Derek B

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    Go to Costco and see if they have anymore of the Pioneer SD-643HD5 64" RPTV's (CRT based)left. I just picked one up for $1999.99. MSRP is $5500. You will not find a better TV for that price or even $3000.00. It is a smokin deal and you better jump fast becuase most Costco's are out of them and Pioneer will not be making RPTV's anymore. I love mine and can't believe the picture it displays in 1080i on PBS and 480p from DVD.

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