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    Hello, what is the difference, in terms of the sound, between a ported and a vented speaker? I see most people have ported speakers for the L+R front and a sealed center channel.
    Also, does anyone recommend the audax home theater system? Would an adire system of three 281 and two 81 sound better? Are there any others in that price range? I have a kenwood 509 receiver, an 11x14 room, and will build a tempest subwoofer.
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    In a very general discription... Ports are used to extend bass frequencies. The downside, according to some, is that they are less accurate than a sealed enclosure. In the real world it all depends on how well the given speaker is designed and what the quality of the drivers/crossover etc are. I don't think you can say that all sealed speakers are more accurate and you can't say that all ported speakers extend farther down the range.
    For DIY projects, the Joe D'Appolito designed Audax set has a good following. (As does the original Audax design by Vance Dickason) Likewise, I and the other owners of Adire 281s are very happy with them. I think you would be very happy with either of the choices you noted.
    One other area to consider is that, if my memory is correct, the Audax group is all 8 ohm, while 281s are 4 ohm. Depending on your amp, the 4 ohm load is more demanding. In the case of the 281s it is possible to drive them with less expensive amps as long as you don't try for concert levels. At any "normal" level you will be fine with either design. Go for it...
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