diferent component cables?

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    Dec 29, 2002
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    The guy at Sears gave me some component cables to go with my new Home Theater purchase.[​IMG]I thought, "Eh, he knows what he's doing." When I went to connect the cables, I noticed that the output (DVD) and the input (TV - it's an RCA 32" tube) connectors are labeled "Y, Pr, Pb" but the cables are labeled "Y, Cr, Cb". When I went to change the scan method (from I to P) the screen said "unusable signal." I made sure the TV and DVD were both compatible with Progressive Scan before I bought them. So what's the deal? Can I just exchange these cables for the "Y, Pr, Pb" variety?
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    Hi Drew. Welcome to HTF! [​IMG]
    The cables are fine.
    Y/Pr/Pb and Y/Cr/Cb are just different labels for the same thing.
    You know, you have to do 2 things to make a PS system work:
    - Tell the DVD player to output progressive video
    - Tell the TV to accept progressive video
    The DVD player often has a little switch on the back, while the TV usually has a setup menu.
    Note: What brand of cables did the guy give you? I hope it's Acoustic Research brand at least.

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