Die Hard Trilogy Problems on Playstation 2

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    Hello all,
    I've been having problems with the Die Hard disc 1 of the Die Hard Trilogy. Every time I try to play the disc, my Playstation keeps having problems, and the laser transport make very odd noises as it tries to navigate through the disc.
    The first copy that I bought played the animated menus far enough that I was able to watch the movie, but after that, the only way I could get to the movie was to wait for the 'unable to read disc' screen to pop up and bring up the DVD menu.
    I have bought and returned this Trilogy three times now (thank goodness for CostCo's return policy) and the third time, I can't play the disc at all.
    Oddly enough, the only other time I've ever had a DVD problem with my Playstation was with the Abyss DVD (FOX), but getting a new copy was the solution.
    Has anyone with a Playstation 2 and the Die Hard Trilogy had similar problems? I'm close to giving up and waiting to buy it again when I can afford a real DVD player, but I was really looking forward to owning Die Hard.
    Thanks in advance,
  2. Andrew Walsh

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    I had no problems running it on my PS2. Any disc that I had a problem with, it turned out to be the disc's fault. If you've tried three versions of it, there might be something wrong with your PS2. Wierd. It's entirely possible that the Costco location got a bad batch. Try swapping it at another store, just tell them you misplaced your receipt. I don't think there's anything untoward about that.
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    As much as I love the PS2, it's a pretty terrible DVD player (and I thought Toshiba players were awful). It's got the world's pickiest laser or something, because if there's one minor flaw or scratch on a DVD, it won't even play it. At least my computer and Sony DVD players will play all my DVD's. Oh well, it took me forever to get it to play my Lawrence of Arabia copy. If I had to put the blame on something, it'd be the player.
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