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Did Y'all know of the 2 different versions of "The Shining"...??? (1 Viewer)

Dave Mack

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Jan 28, 2002
I was just on the phone with my girlfriend, (who is from England) and she mentioned that she just watched her brother's official R2 copy of The Shining and it was different than the version she saw when she was here in NYC. (That was the 1st time she had ever seen it.)
I thought she was nuts so I looked at Amazon UK. and Lo and Behold...
(copied from post..)
..."A note for the curious. Ever since the film was first released, THE SHINING has existed in multiple versions. The film originally ran for a little over 2h25 but a single scene in the epilogue to the film was cut by Kubrick after the opening week-end (never to be seen again). Thereafter, the film has existed in TWO distinct editions. The first is just under 2h25. It is available on R1 DVD and Video but has not (to my knowledge) ever been available in the UK on either video or DVD. The second edition is approx 1h50. It is the version released outside the US in cinemas in 1980 and is available on video and now on DVD.
The differences between the two versions are principally scenes deleted from the first half of the film although there appear to be some occasions when some shots in some scenes appear to have been re-edited using different camera angles. The majority of the deleted material either sets up in greater detail the situation or the characters or both. [This will explain why ANNE JACKSON appears on the opening credits of the 1h50 version whilst her character (a doctor who treats Danny after his first "shining" of the Overlook Hotel) does not appear at all. Her role was deleted in its entirety from the 2h25 version].
Why Kubrick made the changes (and it was Kubrick who made them), I do not know. Why there are two different versions available commercially (albeit in different marketplaces), I don't know..."
THIS is ODD! I feel sorry for the R2 crowd as they are only seeing a SERIOUSLY altered Film!!!!!!!!!!!
1/2 an hour??? Different angles???
:frowning: D


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Jul 30, 2000
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For what it's worth, I'm apparently one of the handful who saw the excised epilogue; I probably saw the film on the first day of it's release since within a week the scene was already gone from subsequent screenings. I don't remember much of it, save that hotel manager Barry Nelson chatted with Shelley Duvall in a hospital.


May 9, 2001
I have both R1 and R2 versions on dvd, and I think the R2 version (the International Cut) is significantly better. I already started a thread on this subject BTW. It didn't get much response, but you can find it here. It was also - shortly discussed in the Kubrick-Tournament in the Polls-section over here
BTW: The International Cut runs at 119 minutes (115 on dvd due to pal speed-up).
I don't know which version Kubrick preferred, and I never found a statement by Kubrick on this strange situation.

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