Did Queen ever release any concert footage other than "We Will Rock You?

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  1. Brian Perry

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    May 6, 1999
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    After finding an ultracool clip of Queen playing "White Queen" during a concert at the Rainbow Theater in 1979, I am eager to find out if there are any video releases planned for other Queen concerts. From what I hear, We Will Rock You is actually one of their weaker efforts but there doesn't seem to be anything else out there.
    After listening and watching the live performance of "White Queen" I went back and listened to the studio version on Queen II. All I can say is that Brian May is definitely in my top three guitarists of all time (Jimmy Page and John Petrucci being the other two.)
  2. Andrew 'Ange Hamm' Hamm

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    I may be mistaken, but I seem to recall a video of Queen Live Killers. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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  3. KevinJ

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    i've seen a few other concert videos[knebworth,kind of magic live, etc]on vh1 in the past so yes they are out there and from what i remember they're going to be on dvd in the future...be patient.
  4. andrew markworthy

    Sep 30, 1999
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    At the moment, the only other Queen DVD is the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert (which of course is only the surviving members of Queen). It is rumoured that there is going to be a massive release of Queen stuff over the next few years. All the albums with lots of extras (B sides of the time, alternative mixes, rehearsal tapes, etc), plus DVDs of their various concert tours.
    To my certain knowledge, there have been *lots* of Queen concerts filmed and if you regularly check ebay or similar you should find find quite a few VCDs and similar cropping up. How many of these are legitimate issues is not something I feel confident to comment on, however.
    Concerts I know of include:
    1975 (?) Hammersmith Odeon (circa 1 hour, the year Bo Rap was a major hit in the UK - was done on Christmas Eve; for a few years, the BBC broadcast a rock concert on Dec 24th - Queen, Elton John, The Kinks - bliss!).
    An outdoors gig from the Hot Space tour was broadcast on Channel 4 (our 'arty' commercial channel). I never saw it - we had guests that evening and the video player failed to record. [​IMG]
    Queen at the Rainbow - a circa 1 hour film of their show at the London venue of that name, circa 1974. Was originally shown as the support film for The Song Remains the Same.
    Live Aid, of course.
    Queen's last show in Japan (circa 1984). I've seen the VCD of this, and it's good. I *think* it was a legitimate release in Japan, but I've never seen it available elsewhere.
    The concert at Wembley on what sadly turned out to be their last tour was definitely filmed - the highlights were broadcast in the UK a few days after the concert, and I think it came out as a VHS tape. The CD of the concert has of course been released. I *think* the Knebworth show was filmed as well.
    The concert in Hyde Park (yes, not only the Stones did this!). Certainly the concert was recorded, and I think filmed as well.
    Hope this is of use.
  5. Ryan Spaight

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    There's lots of concert clips on the "Magic Years" laserdisc, including the Hot Space outdoor show mentioned above (one Hot Space song), Saturday Night Live (Crazy Little Thing), etc., etc..

    And yes, the 86 Wembley show came out on VHS, though it's edited compared to the 2CD set.

  6. Michael Allred

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    Queen do not own the "We Will Rock You" concert and therefore have no control over it. Brian May recently said he was not fond of the DTS track and wished the Queen crew could've done it (and done it right.)

    There have been several concerts officially released on VHS and laserdisc over the years;

    Live at Wembley '86
    Live in Budapest
    Rare Live (compilation of various shows but horribly edited together)
    Live in Japan '82
    Live in Japan '85 (these 2 Japan concerts were only released in Japan)
    Live in Rio
    Live at the Rainbow (only as part of the "Box of Tricks" set)

    Both "The Magic Years" and "Champions of the World" documentaries included lots of live footage.

    Of course only "We Will Rock You" and "The Freddie Merury Tribute Concert" have been released on DVD so far. It should be noted that Queen are now finally getting into their video catalog for future DVD releases with "Greatest Video Hits 1" being the first in their "The DVD Collection" line.

    Many of their legendary concerts were filmed such as Milton Keynes, Hyde Park, Earl's Court and yes, Knebworth (their last concert.) So there's plenty of stuff to put out.

    Also, there have been 2 solo concerts officially released. Brian May's "Live at the Brixton Academy" and Roger Taylor's "Live at the Cyberbarn". Both May and Taylor filmed two other concerts but they've never been released.

    Oh and Queen's entire set at the Queen's Jubilee concert is available on the "Party at the Palace" DVD

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