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Did anyone watch TLC (not the group) last night (1 Viewer)

Jun 19, 2000
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John Doroshenk
They had two shows on ancient socienties and their conquering of astrological physics. I've been to the ancient Mayan ruins at Chitchinetsa (sorry about the spelling) in mexico and was amazed by it. The way they were able to build these mammouth tempeles that are in perfect alignment with the summer and winter solsists as well as the equinox is amazing. The part that kind of scares me is them predicting the end of the world on december 23rd 2012. I'll make sure to run up my credit cards before that day so it won't matter. But they're calendar is more exact than our calendar system. They use some sort of standard unit in their archecture that accurately calculates the circumfrence of the earth. The second show was about egypt, cambodia, and mexico and how their archetecture basically reflected the stars in the sky. Does anyone else find these things amazing. These cultures. How did were they all able to build these temples in alignment with the stars at the same time in many different parts of the world, simply fasinating. What are your thoughts?

Sorry about the spelling, I'm more of a science, math kind of thinker.

Dave Poehlman

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Mar 8, 2000
I think I did see that show.. or at least another that covered the Myans and their unit of measure and how they even had calculated the "wobble" in the Earth's rotation.

Actually, the show I saw was kicking around the idea of an advanced civilization that was global in reach that had a deep understanding of mathematics. (Atlantis, which kind of cheapened the whole show)

This was coupled with a piece on the alignment of the Great Pyramids of Giza and how they are aligned exactly like the belt in the constelation Orion. However, they are lined up with Orion as it would have appeared 10,500 BC.

Also, they mentioned how a large temple in the jungles of India is laid out to match the constellation of Draco... also in its 10,500 BC appearance.

I don't know how accurate the reporting was or if the facts are taken out of context.. but it was intriguing all the same.

I personally think we don't give ancient civilizations enough credit. I believe that they were far more advanced far more earlier.

I love those shows.. my wife hates 'em.

John Berggren

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Jun 17, 1999
The part that kind of scares me is them predicting the end of the world on december 23rd 2012
I did not see this particular program, but I had heard that this beleif comes from the fact that the Mayan calendar only calculates out to that date. Would it not be safe to assume that they just didn't bother thinking about beyond that time? Even in the computer age, we didn't plan beyond 1999.

As it stands, with Mayan civilization over, I presume their world ended quite before their calendar.

Darren Davis

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Oct 9, 2001

I've seen that exact show about the pyramids and their alignment. I, too, find these shows very fun and interesting. It's always amazing to see just what these ancient peoples accomplished. Could you imagine actually having the mind to be the first one to use the position of the sun in the sky to calculate the circumference of the Earth? Or to be the first to figure out mathematical relationships in nature, etc. It seems so basic now but these people deserve much respect.

Jeff Pryor

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Mar 5, 2002
Graham Hancock's 'Quest for the Lost Civilization' was the show. Aired in 1997 with 3 episodes. Soon, Hancock will have another special coming to TLC based on his recent book studying underwater ruins called 'Underworld'.

Hancock is definitely the 'man', and I have some of my own theories about ancient ruins and their connection to Orion and the period of 10,500 BC.

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