Did anyone see Wife Swap last night (1/30)?

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by todd s, Jan 31, 2006.

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    I normally don't watch this show. But, I was with my wife and kids who love it. Last nights was mothers were ridiculous. One was a spend-thrift to the extreme. The other was so bizarre it felt almost like incest. The woman hasn't slept in the same room as her husband in over 12 years. She spends money on whatever the kid wants. Her husband works fulltime. Yet, has to do all of the chores at home. He eats alone in the kitchen. She eats with the son in her room. The mother keeps the kid home from school every so often to have pajama day...for which she said she has to be careful because the school was getting upset. She runs a kids entertainment company that goes to schools and performs kid shows. She makes the husband and son come along. Her business looses so much money that even with the husbands decent salary they might go into bankrupcy.
    I could go on. But, it was kinda of freaky. I also have to wonder what this guy's business associates must think after seeing this...He is portrayed as so p-whipped.
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    Oddly enough I watched it too (note [​IMG]my name!) I usually don't watch these shows but I had almost the same thoughts you did!

    In some ways I envied the fact that the thrifty family had already paid off their $700k (correct amount?) home, Bravo. I thought their discipline with their kids was good but in some ways too harsh.

    On the other side:

    Whoa, what is up with saying the kid's middle name every 5 seconds and eating in HIS room without the Dad? Weird! And lets be frank, the guy was a decent looking guy who makes $70k a year, surely he could find someone more like him in the wife department?

    But in the end...I thought they did show each family that they could make their own situation better by tips from the other wife, although the shot of the mississippi couple in bed was a little odd though...[​IMG]

    Not sure if I will watch this the next time it airs, it seemed to be that their wasn't much on that night on the other channels.
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    Well Todd and Todd, I hate to admit this but I too watched this show last night. Either of you notice how defensive the "Pajama Mama" got when the other woman mentioned her child entertainment business? All she could do was raise her voice and bellow how hard she works at it while totally ignoring that not only does this business not make any money, but it costs her husband almost HALF his yearly salary.

    That's how they got me with this silly show the first time! I warn you, it's like smoking. Just don't try it and you won't get addicted.

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