Diana Krall SACD vs. Diana Krall DVD-A

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by John Robert, Jan 5, 2004.

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    Sep 6, 2003
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    Just bought a new JVC XV-SA600 solely for DVD-A as I already have a Sony 755 SACD player. I had, and enjoyed, Diana Krall "The Look Of Love" SACD, but it developed a skip that my trusty Disc Doctor could not fix. Tracks 1-4 still work; nothing above them.

    As I looked for DVD-A's, I noticed the same album was now available, so I bought it. I have both players running into my Rotel 1066 via a $30 Radio Shack pair of audio switchers. Same cabling on both units.

    Here are my first impressions:

    The SACD has noticeably more air in the top end. The overall sound is cleaner, with less grain and more detail. The little things, like plucked strings and pianos, have a more "real" sound. It is very appealing and non-fatiguing.

    The DVD-A had a darker, fuller tone. The bass is almost bloated, makes me lower the sub level. More boom, but less "looking into" the song. For me, not as appealing.

    Don't know if these factors apply to the two processes, my two rigs or the two versions of the albums.

    Anyone else with similar experiences?
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    Were both DVD's mixed by the same person and just released in 2 different formats, or are they separate mixes?

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