Diamond Wharf's replaced JBL N38

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by JoseLuisG, Jun 12, 2003.

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    May 13, 2003
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    Hi to all, I have three questions to the forum:

    I'm in the process of building my HT. This forum had helped a lot. I decided to sell my JBL N38 and replace them with the Diamond Series Wharfedale speakers:
    8.3's (Front) $249
    Diamond Center (Center) $149
    Diamond 7.2 Anniversary (Rear) $100
    Wharfedale WH2 Surround SP (Back) $ 60

    What SW do you recommend? I hear good things about Cerwin Vega LW-12 and it is probably more in tune with the total amount of money I have spent in all system ($560 in all speakers). I also read that HSU VTF-2 is a good one but the cost is almost double the CW. Opinions?

    I like to hear music more than HT. Many audiophiles suggested Wharfedale, but I also had read many good things about JBL N38 series. Did I made a good decision???

    I also have a pair of JBL 1X Monitor Speakers. As you can see, I got a good price with the Wharfedale WH2 that I can't resist. What could be a better option for rear speakers in the 7.1 setup, WH-2 or JBL 1X???

    My receiver is a HK-525.

    I'm in the process to decide about the player. I will ask in other thread.

    Thanks and regards

  2. Mike_Gr

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    Jan 14, 2003
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    Q1 - Save up for the HSU VTF-2. Yes, its twice the $ and well worth it.

    Q2 - I personally think you did...especially at the price you obtained them at.

    Q3 - I would stick with the same series (Diamond)...but you could use bookshelf speakers as well.
  3. lou spevack

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    Jan 14, 2003
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    I recently installed the Diamond 8 Center and a pair of WH2s in the rear. I'm using DCM Time Windows up front with a Yamaha HTR-5460 Receiver.
    I'm still tuning the system but my first impressions are that I'm very happy with the center and not overly impressed with the WH2s. I kind of expected as much and I think some tuning will help. But at the price, I'll probably upgrade in a year or two. The design on the WH2s has a high WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor).
    I'm also looking for a SW and am considering the Sony SAWM40.

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