dharman or rava se for music?

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  1. Kevin T

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    Jul 12, 2001
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    i'm trying to decide between the adire audio dharman or the rava se. i have no doubt they'll perform well for ht usage with the edge probably going to the dharman. my concern though is which sub would be better for music. anybody here with any experiences with the dharman, rava, or rava se? i would appreciate your input. thanks.

    kevin t
  2. Kyle Richardson

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    The Rava SE will be the best for music only because of its superior amplifier and a better crossover. If you are running your speakers through the sub amp using it's crossovers the this is the sub for you. For most people the regular Rava is fine for music/HT duties because they just run a line level signal from their sub out on their receiver or pre/pro.

    And finally the Dharman, awesome for home theater trading a bit of tightness for more output. While still being good for music, this sub had home theater on its mind while being designed.

    Hope this helps.

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