Deuce Pro 2210 Scaler $500 shipped*

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    Deuce Pro 2210 Scaler asking $500 shipped*

    Excellent condition, like new, top quality scaler, from Communications Specialties. Original list price on this was ~$5,000 (unit is from 1999-2000 time frame). I was going to use this with my X1 projector but I have decided to look for a scaling DVD player, plus I could use the $$. It looks and works like new, sharpness thru the unit @ 720p was killer on my front projection setup. Payment by Paypal or money order. It even has audio inputs so you can even use it as a switcher. Throw in a cheap VCR and you can use it as a way to watch TV on your flat panel monitor.

    Includes rack ears, screws, power cord and manual.

    * shipping included in the continental us only

    A Superior Alternative To Line Doubling & Quadrupling ! Video scaling, a superior alternative to line doubling and quadrupling, is brought to a new level with Deuce Pro, a more feature-rich and versatile model than our original, award-winning Deuce. In addition to Composite and S-video inputs, Deuce Pro offers Component YUV and RGB inputs. It also provides switchable stereo audio inputs, corresponding to each video input. Deuce Pro provides ten different output resolution formats, including two "custom" user defined outputs. Four input aspect ratios are supported for accommodating normal and various wide-screen formats plus a choice of three output refresh rates. Deuce Pro offers an exclusive advanced level of video processing with independent control over chroma and luminance noise reduction and image sharpness. Deuce Pro even offers support for newer DVD players featuring component outputs(480i only), thereby providing scaled output with the fewest possible distortions. And, unique to Deuce Pro, is a front panel button that allows the removal of visible head switching lines found at the bottom of video frames coming from VCR tapes. Like Deuce, Deuce Pro includes adaptive motion compensation, NTSC & PAL standard decoding & video processing control of composite & S-video inputs. In addition, the unit offers a two-line luminance comb filter, RS-232 remote control, internal power supply, direct push-button operation & can be rackmounted (1 RU kit included).
    In addition to its features above, the DEUCE PRO includes:
    · VGA computer input pass through
    · Three selectable output refresh rates
    · Recursive noise reduction (selectable luminance and chrominance)
    · Horizontal and vertical positioning
    · Brightness, contrast, saturation and hue processing of composite and S-video inputs
    · Stereo audio switching for all inputs
    · Rackmount or free standing design
    · Output Resolutions:
    - 640x480
    - 852x480
    - 800x600
    - 832x624
    - 1024x768
    - 1280x768
    - 1280x1024
    - 1365x1024
    - User defined 1 (through RS-232 port)
    --- User defined 1 ships as 720p
    - User defined 2 (through RS-232 port)
    --- User defined 2 ships as 1080i
    · Output Refresh Rates
    - 60 Hz
    - 75 Hz
    - Locked to Input
    · Output Types:
    - RGBHV and CS on 6 separate BNC connectors
    - RGBHV on HD-15F
    · Input Aspect Ratios:
    - 4:3 Normal
    - 16:9 Widescreen
    - 1.85:1 Widescreen
    - 2.35:1 Widescreen

    Email for pics of the unit and see it in action.

    email [email protected] for fast response

    thanks Randy

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    Oh yea. I'll entertain trades and offers as well.


    RANDY FISHER Second Unit

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