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May 20, 2002
Our HT room is wired for 5.1. We also have 2 speakers on the patio. So we're thinking of the Denon 3802 because it has 2nd zone amplifier capability. I called Denon to ask the following questions but they haven't called back yet, so I thought I'd ask current owners:

1. Is the second zone volume fully adjustable through the full range of the "other 2 amplifiers", regardless of the volume (or type of material) being played in the main zone?

2. Can the primary and secondary zones receive their signals from different digital sources at the same time (e.g., one DVD/CD player playing a DVD in the HT room and the other playing a CD to the outdoors)?

3. We currently have one set of speakers outdoors. If we want to add a second set later in a different part of the yard, can the Denon's "other 2 amps" power 2 sets of outdoor speakers, or would we need to add an auxiliary amplifier at that time?

4. If one of the kids just wants to drop in a DVD and watch and listen through the TV (with the Denon off) is that possible? (This question may seem silly but I bet it will become real.)

Thanks for your help!

Brian Treinen

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Aug 10, 1999
1. Yes, you just need to switch the remote to "Multi" mode by hitting the rcvr button a couple of times.
2. Sorry, digital material can only be played throught the main section. In order for anything to be played via zone 2 it has to be connected to the receiver analog (i.e. RCA cables)
3. What you might be able to do is get an outboard amp and use the pre-outs to send signal to the second amp for the second set of speakers. I don't know if using the pre-outs "turns off" the amps for that signal path though -- although in thinking about it I doubt that's the case.
4. They maybe be able to but it would be a real kludge. You'd have to run output from the DVD player (most likely analog) to the TV and then have your TV speakers on - which I think most of use don't because we always run everything through the surround system.

Hope this helps! I LOVE the zone 2 on the 3802 - I didn't think I'd use it at all when I bought the receiver but we figured we'd hook up a pair of outdoor speakers on the patio and now listen out there all the time!

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